Springbank Woodland Cemetery
William Hall
Independent Funeral Directors
Winford Road
Isle of Wight
PO36 0JX

01983 868688

Springwood Woodland Burials

National Association of Funeral Directors

Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a plot at Springwood Cemetery before I need it?
Yes, grave spaces can be purchased in advance from the Cemetery Office.

Can I plant flowers on the grave?
We encourage people to plant within the woodland theme.

How many times can a cremated remains plot be used?
A Cremated Remains plot can accept the interment of 6 lots of Cremated Remains.

What time is the cemetery open to visit?
From 8am until Sunset, 7 days a week

What happens if my tree dies?
It is the cemetery's responsibility to replace any trees that have died.

Do I get to choose what tree?
Yes, there is a choice of 4 trees.