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Springwood Woodland Burials

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Background information

Traditional Cemeteries

Existing cemeteries on the lawn grave principle, with uniform memorials set in rows divided by neat lawns, offer easy access to visitors and ensure visitors are safe and clean. None-the-less, the movement away from this type of burial, to cremation, proves that people do not favour the lawn grave. Some of the reasons put forward include the rigid regulations, which make every grave look the same. Others reflect simple opposition to burial, perhaps because the family of the bereaved feel obliged to visit, and care for graves. This certainly influences single people, who have no family and feel their grave would be neglected.

Burial has a poor image, due to neglected cemeteries and churchyards, feelings about "wasting land", the high cost of maintenance and the absence of any long term purpose for old graves. In view of these concerns, most graves are now "sold" for only 99 years, by which time few people visit or show concern, allowing future generations to re-use graves and overcome many of the problems outlined above.

More recently, a further concern has arisen, regarding the environment. Modern cemeteries offer benefits to wildlife. Trees which cause shade and leaf discoloration to memorials, result in many complaints. The short mown grass offers no shelter and destroys all wild flowers and thereby insects, so that the small mammals, hedgehogs etc, cannot exist. As a direct consequence, many birds and bats have disappeared from modern cemeteries.

Woodland Graves

We believe that the public is concerned about environmental damage, and has recognised that burial facilities can be designed to harmonise with our surroundings.

Each tree planted will contribute to helping wildlife and creating life, and will offer psychological and other benefits to the bereaved. Nature will care for the grave and true neglect will be a thing of the past.

The cemetery has been planned to re-create the traditional woodland, which once covered our Island, this was one of the finest habitats for wildlife.

The Graves

The new burial area will be set out with each grave permanently located by a grave number. After a burial, a small tree will be planted.